Dream of the Arena Snakes

Dream Drop Slot Machine at the Snake Arena

In 2020, Relax Gaming released the first version of their Snake Arena slot, which quickly became a fan favorite. It combined new and familiar aspects to strike a comfortable chord with many gamers, bringing back fond memories of the iconic mobile phone game Snake. Because of the widespread interest in Dream Drop, Relax Gaming has decided to release a second slot machine in the series on Snake Arena. Dream Drop in the Snake Arena brings back all the fun of the original game, plus the possibility to win up to €10,000,000.

The majority of the action in Snake Arena Dream Drop occurs on a game grid consisting of 5 reels, 5 rows, and 30 paylines. The reels are located in a castle courtyard surrounded by walls, towers, and a forest; the whole thing has a subtle chess board vibe. The game’s chunky aesthetics and bonus round similarities give it a nice, slightly nostalgic vibe while not being as old school as the original Snake game. At this point, the only noticeable difference is the addition of the Dream Drop information panel on the screen’s side, which displays the current jackpot amount.

The return to player (RTP) for Snake Arena Dream Drop is 94% (including a 12% share of the jackpots), which is higher than the RTP for the other game. Three or more identical symbols anywhere on a payline from left to right trigger payouts with a hit frequency of 19.53%. Snake Arena Dream Drop is a medium-to-high volatility slot that can be played on any device with bets ranging from 20 pence to £/€100.

Five of a kind wins pay out 2 times the wager on the four blue, bronze, silver, and gold coins that make up the lower portion of the paytable. A five-symbol win is worth 4–20 times the wager, and the symbols rising in value are a beer mug, ham, a ring with green eyes, and a crown. Dream Drop from the Snake Arena has two wilds. The knight takes up just one square in the grid, but the snake can slither over numerous spots on the reels. Both wilds can stand in for any other regular symbol to trigger the upcoming bonuses.

Slot Feature: Snake Arena Dream Drop

Snake Arena Dream Drop has a love/hate relationship between the game’s two protagonists, the knight and the snake. The Wild Chase bonus appears initially and occurs at will in the main game. When switched on, the two figures stand at opposite ends of the grid and stare at one another. If both of them show up on the same reel, the snake will reach out and make that reel wild. The dance then resumes. If they make an appearance on three separate reels without being on the same reel, the feature will expire. All five reels may become wild if this feature is activated.

Free Spins on Dream Drop in the Snake Arena

Once the knight and snakehead have been landed, the free spins feature, Snake Arena Dream Drop, will begin. Here is when the game formally recognizes its debt to the classic Snake mobile game. A random knight appears with each free spin. The snake then moves toward the knight, consumes him, and increases by one cell after any victories have been given out. The entire knight and snake are considered wild for victory ratings. Free spins are rewarded whenever the snake consumes a knight. When the snake covers reels 2 through 5, an extra 1,000x the stake is awarded, and the process repeats until the snake runs into itself while chasing the knight.

Psychic Tear

Here comes the main event, the catalyst for reviving Snake Arena. Anytime throughout the main game, the player may receive a Dream Drop Jackpot Spin at random. Gold DD symbols and stone blocks are the only ones that may land on these special reels. With 5 DDs, the player advances to the Dream Drop Jackpots bonus. Otherwise, you resume playing as usual. A segmented wheel spins to determine the player’s reward in this version of the Dream Drop Jackpots bonus round. This might be a Rapid jackpot of €1, a Midi jackpot worth €5, a Maxi jackpot worth €100, a Major jackpot worth €25,000, or a Mega prize worth €500,000. The first two times, the Mega Jackpot will be triggered before it reaches €1 million. The next two increments are also €500,000 apiece, and then it’s €500,000 after every second until it reaches €10,000,000 and stays there permanently.

Snake Pit: Slot Machine Final Score

It’s clear that the players are facing a whole new set of challenges this time around. With a maximum payout of only 2,758.8x the player’s initial wager, the original Snake Arena slot machine scarcely qualified as a big potential slot. Outside of the prize, this number has not changed in any version of Snake Arena Dream Drop. However, now that the Mega has been filled, Snake Arena Dream Drop offers a completely new experience, with a jackpot of up to €10,000,000.

While the value to players may be drastically altered, business often continues as usual. The Snake Arena Dream Drop version is just as fun to play as the original slot, which is great news for anybody who enjoyed the gambling twist on a traditional mobile phone game. It features the same endearing sprites and tokens as the original, as well as the same lighthearted banter between the two protagonists, and it will transport you back in time to an age before touch screens and more pixelated mobile phones. When compared to how ubiquitous they are today, mobile phones were formerly mostly used for communicating via text or voice, or for playing simple games like Snake. The Motorola DynaTAC 8000, with its 30 minutes of conversation time, 30 number memory, and over $4,000 price tag, was a really revolutionary product when it was first debuted in 1983.

Well, enough with the nostalgia already. All things considered, Snake Arena makes for a fantastic Dream Drop host among heritage games. Players seeking to try their luck at the Dream Drop jackpots will likely find this game appealing due to its adorable aesthetic, entertaining features, and high nostalgia factor.






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