The New Hammerfall Video Slot from Play’n GO

Play’n GO’s newest video slot is themed after the heavy metal band Hammerfall, which means fans will be able to go wild.

The video slot takes its name from the successful Swedish heavy metal band Hammerfall, and features songs from the band as its main attraction. Even though the game is aimed at a specific subset of gamers, it has plenty of unique content that even casual players will appreciate.


Bonus bonuses for the win include Lightning Wilds, Super Tiles, Free Spins, and a bagful of unique modifiers, delivering as much action as explosive guitar riffs to this terrific new title, perfectly complementing the music soundtrack.


Come Along With Hector On His Journey

Hammerfall’s mascot, Hector, whose backstory is inspired on the famed knight of the same name, takes center stage and walks players through the game’s motions.


Time travel is just one of the many unique skills possessed by the Hector of Hammerfall. Hector, in keeping with the game’s heavy metal motif, causes havoc across the game’s 7×7 reels and paylines.


The Cluster Pays mechanism is causing havoc in a player’s favor. The video slots feature in the game allows players to earn massive amounts of money on the game’s large reels, and these wins are paid out instantly. In addition, the maximum payout can be as much as 30,000 times the initial wager.


A Plethora of Intriguing Details

The Cluster Pays feature immediately activates whenever 5 or more identical symbols form a Cluster. The Hammer Meter, located to the side of the reels, fills up each time a free spin is granted.


When the Hammer Meter reaches 25, the player can choose from one of three Song Modifiers. Bonus features such as 2×2 Mega Wilds, high-paying symbols replacing low-paying ones, low-value symbol destroyers, and more are activated in this way.


Symbols in the video slot include various colored precious jewels, moons, suns, hammers, and the band mascot Hector. With a payout of up to 500x the bet for a cluster of 15 or more, the latter is the highest-paying symbol in Play’n GO’s most magnificent release.


The Hammer Meter can trigger the following changes:


Still, I’m in Good Spirits because the lower-paying symbols have been eliminated.

Mega Wilds in the size of a house in the Twilight Princess.

Superior to All Others: All High-Value Symbols Convert Instantaneously Into One!






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